Your old pension called

Oct 30, 2023

your pension called

Alex works in comms (whatever that is).
He leads a team at a high-end fashion company in London 👠.
Anyway, he’s 31, and at his 4th job, which means he’s saving into his 4th pension.
Alex has three pensions with three different pension providers, worth thousands of pounds. Alex hates not knowing how much he has, and that it’s in three different accounts 🤯.

Queue, Penny.

Alex found Penny on a Tuesday evening in July. Shortly after, Alex had moved all 3 of his old pensions into his Penny pension account, and has since been regularly checking his Penny app to see how much his cash has grown.
Alex went from feeling like he had a tiny pension, to feeling pretty loaded, apparently.

These are the stories we love to hear. You literally earned it, Alex.