The generation of 14 jobs

Nov 30, 2023

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How we see work is changing rapidly. Covid only poured fuel on that 🔥.
Here are a few headlines that show just how different careers are now…

⏳ Gone are the days of ‘company-for-life’.
65% of millennials recommend moving jobs every 2 years.
25% say 12 months is too long!

🏝 Career breaks.
84% of millennials are expecting to take an extended career break at some point.
40% to travel, 46% for kids, and 9% for charity work! 🏅

💰 Cash and other stuff.
92% of millennials prioritise cold hard cash when choosing a job.
86% look for holiday allowance.
79% prioritise flexibility.

💀 Work till you drop
60% of millennials expect to work past the age of 65.
16% expect to work to 75.
9% until the day they die 😳.
3% expect to retire before 50.

It's clear to see, the way we work has changed. Meanwhile, pensions haven't kept up. Consequently, we have a messy system which leads to multiple scattered pension pots from a life of multiple jobs.

At Penny, we've worked hard to re-think pensions. We've built a pension scheme designed for a modern life. We think you'll love it.