Ethical pensions... whaaaat?

Mar 29, 2024

esg ethical pension fund

What happens to your money in a pension fund and is it ethical?

When you save money for your retirement, pension companies don’t just keep it locked away doing nothing. They use that money to make more money… by investing it. 💰

When we imagine the world of investment and finance it’s easy to conjure up images of sleazy greedy bankers wearing pin stripe suits. Decadent scenes come to mind like that bit in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo DiCaprio tossing lobsters off a yacht!

Yes it’s very cool, but we know it’s wrong. However, finance doesn’t have to be this way, and actually, the world of ethical finance has never been more alive.

With Penny you can choose the Ethical pension plan, which will only invest your money in ways that meet what’s called the ‘ESG criteria’. Your hard earned cash will never be used for anything Environmentally un-friendly, Socially irresponsible or illicitly Governed.

Sleep easy - not sleazy - happy in the knowledge that your pension fund is growing because of healthy investments in good companies with good ethics. 🙏